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About Us

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What is Hope Bible School Fiji

Hope Bible School Fiji is a versatile organization operated by a group of people who has the vision to reach out and provide an opportunity for people to study the Bible. We organize ourselves into what has most often been called a “Discover” Bible school, which is a branch of and works in partnership with, the Voice of Prophecy Headquarters School, and other Bible schools worldwide.

Hope Bible School Fiji aims to provide a variety of flexible options and approaches that will reach as many people as possible. It should be designed to include Bible study outreach to its community and should utilize any available outreach materials that the church decides to use. These may include a variety of Bible study guides, DVDs, and videos from Seventh-day Adventist print, Adventist Hope Radio, and Hope Channel Fiji media ministries.

The Goals Are:

  1. To help make friends in the community.
  2. To connect people with Jesus and help them become His disciples.
  3. To acquaint people with an in-depth understanding of the Bible.
  4. To show people how the Bible meets their daily needs.
  5. To prepare a community for evangelistic reaping meetings.
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Service Times
Office Hours: Monday to Thursday
Monday 9:00 am and 4:00 pm
Office Hours: Friday
Friday 9:00 am and 1:00 pm